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4 Places That Serve Authentic South Indian Food in New Delhi

Indian cuisine is very rich and encompasses a wide variety of regional cuisines that are native to the country. Indians love to eat and they are open to trying international cuisines too. But, when it comes to Indian food, it is completely different. What probably makes the Indian cuisine different is the unique amalgamation of spices and this is followed across the length and breadth of the country with each state having its unique blend of spices. These Indian spices, have a unique flavour and makes the dish differently aromatic. Besides adding flavour to the dish, these Indian spices also have health benefits.

A lot of research has happened over why Indian food is so different in taste and the scientists finally came to the conclusion that secret lies at the molecular level. Unlike West, Indian dishes use at least seven ingredients in their curries that do not have overlapping flavours.

Indian cuisine is mainly divided into North Indian and South Indian food with both being distinctively different from each other in preparation and taste.

Today let us see some places that serve authentic South Indian food in the national capital.


Mahabelly is a haven for South Indian food lovers. Located conveniently just behind Citywalk in Saket, it offers all the delicacies of Mangalorean, Chettinad and Malayalee food. With good service and ambience, you can enjoy South Indian meals here at affordable rates. The restaurant is named after King Mahabali who is the reason behind the celebration of the famous festival of Onam in Kerela. Commendable efforts are made by the restaurant to display the story behind Onam and Mahabali through their menu.

Peninsular Kitchen

For anyone who loves to binge on Coastal and South Indian delicacies, this restaurant in Vasant Kunj is a must-visit. More than the food, people love the warm hospitality here. Dishes taste authentic and yummy. For the vegetarians, the options are somewhat limited, but the non-vegetarians will have a really scrumptious and authentic meal.


Are you craving for Konkan cuisine? Then, head straight to Swagath restaurant in Defence Colony. Though a multi cuisine restaurant place, it serves authentic South Indian coastal delicacies. The food served is delicious and portion size is really good. Their menu is thoughtfully made and service is stellar. You can enjoy a very good overall experience by visiting this place.

Dakshin Sheraton

If you are looking for a fine dining restaurant in Delhi with expertise in the best flavours from Southern India, your search ends here. With regal but the relaxed ambience and amazing hospitality, you can enjoy authentic Malabari food here. The concept, the food, the presentation and the service – everything is impeccable. The overall experience is awesome.

South Indian cuisine has its peculiar flavour and mix with coconut, rice, and tamarind used in most of their dishes. A generous but a balanced use of spices is also seen in all the vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The South Indian cuisine has a wide variety of desserts that are lip smacking.

For those South Indians who are settled in North India, these places like Nandhana Palace, which offers Andhra Cuisine, brings them back home in terms of taste.

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