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6 Reasons To Add a Floor Plan to Your Next Property Listing

When property sellers were recently surveyed, four out of five (80%) of them described floor plans as ‘very useful’ or even ‘essential’ tools for selling. Buyers in the same survey were even more in favour, with a full 88% agreeing that floor plans were helpful. You can indeed sell a property without a floor plan, but property descriptions and photos aren’t obligatory, either. How many listings get by without those staples? It’s time to start thinking of floor plans as an equally-vital part of your property marketing brochure. Here are six key reasons why:

1) Faster, More Accurate Listing Reading

The professional property photo remains the reigning king of property listings, and most property sellers are comfortable using a nice wide-angle shot as the touchstone for their listings. However, a growing number of buyers have learned not to trust photos alone. By combining photographs with a floor plan, potential buyers get a better understanding of the layout of the property without having to visit. A floor plan shows house-hunters how the different spaces in the home relate to each other and cuts down on potential disappointment.

2) More Buyers Demand Floor Plans

According to data gathered by Rightmove, the absence of a floor plan is enough to discourage enquiries from more than a third of potential buyers. There is even a small segment of the buying population (roughly one in five) who ignore listings without floor plans entirely. Supplying floor plans isn’t entirely about catering to the whims of buyers, though; they’re an efficient way to deliver information that’s hard to convey through text and photos. Examples include measurements and window placement. A floor plan can also emphasise otherwise-subtle selling points like extensions and knock-throughs.

3) Floor Plans Increase Memorability

It’s important to remember that for most buyers, house-hunting is an extended decision-making process. The decision to aggressively pursue a deal is rarely made while looking at a listing or in the middle of a visit, but later on, after the buyer has viewed several different properties. You want to do everything in your power to avoid the dreaded ‘which house were we talking about’ effect. Making sure you get a floor plan into potential buyers’ hands can go a long way towards helping them keep the various properties they’re considering straight – and encourage them to remember yours more favourably.

4) Floor Plans Lead to Move-In Plans

The holy grail for property sellers is to get potential buyers imagining what it would be like to move into their property. The same Rightmove survey mentioned above stresses how crucial a floor plan is in that effort. A good plan that illustrates room relationships, door and window placements and room dimensions gives potential buyers everything they need to start planning out their use of the space. Once you have a buyer thinking about furniture placement and even decorating decisions, you’re well on your way to forming the emotional attachment that leads to a purchase.

5) Mapping Out Viewings

Buyers with access to a floor plan are less likely to feel stressed when they visit a property they’re considering buying. Visits often come with implicit limits, and many buyers are intimidated by the presence of an agent. With the greater understanding provided by a floor plan, buyers can identify in advance the key parts of the property they really need to see. A good floor plan can even convince a wavering buyer to come round for an all-important second viewing.

6) Floor Plans Make You Look More Professional

Whether you’re an owner working on your own behalf or an agent managing multiple properties, you can make your listing look considerably more professional by including a clear floor plan. Providing a floor plan assures potential buyers that you’ve made an investment in making their decision easier and have the experience needed to give them the most useful tools.

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