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A Brief History of Baseball

Baseball has been an age old favorite sport of almost all Americans, even though there have been debates time and again pertaining to the origin of the game. It has been found that ‘baseball’ had several different names such as ‘fetch-catch’, ‘goal ball’, ‘round ball’, ‘soot ball’ and at times just ‘base’.

The game basically involves two teams of players in which one team hits the ball while the other throws the ball. The team throwing the ball has few players stationed at different points of the field where they attempt to get hold of the ball that the batter hits.  However, there a slight difference in the various versions of the game. The first recorded game of baseball is said to be played in Beachville, Ontario in the year 1838.

The fan following of baseball has always been very strong, while some love to play the game, there are numerous others who love to watch others play the game and cheer for their favorite team. David Berkowitz Chicago, a production designer of films by profession, is an ardent fan of the game and particularly the team of Chicago Cubs. He keeps a track of every match played by the team and even writes about in them in his blog.

Baseball is quite apparently related to cricket as they both involve the use of bat, ball and a field of players. Another fact about baseball is that it became popular only after sort of replacing the intensity of the popularity of cricket in colonial America; post the Civil War. The terms of baseball like, ‘innings’, ‘umpire’, ‘out’ and ‘runs’ are all borrowed from the game of cricket.

Although the two games have their own distinctive features, yet it is a noticeable thing that both games have gained equal popularity all around the globe. For Americans sports is an intrinsic part of their lives, just like they need food for survival so do they need some sort of sport that can keep their adrenalin running. This is yet another reason for the excessive fame of baseball. It is considered to be the favorite game of the entire nation.

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The overall analysis of tracing the lineage of baseball leads to the game of ‘rounders’ that was played by the English in the old times, and this is what is still considered till today and till the time some other proposition is strongly made against this. The word ‘base’ used in the name ‘baseball’ probably refers to the touching of the bases after the batter hits the ball. Of course, like any other game the rules and regulations of the game have been developed over the time to suit the comfort of the players.

The immense and undying popularity of baseball reveals one thing for sure; the origin of the game is of negligible importance to the fans of the game like David Berkowitz Chicago. To them just being able to watch, play and enjoy a good game of baseball is what satisfies their sporty souls.

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