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Add Visual Appeal to your CV

In general, recruiters only spend 5 seconds on a resume, and only if it attracts their attention. Even if the content is essential, you have to take care of the form and pay attention to the details while writing your curriculum vitae. It is the best way to draw the employer’s attention to what is really important. Your CV should fit on one page (or two for largely experienced candidates) so, sort the information, and avoid those that do not seem relevant to the job sought.

Choose an Attractive CV Layout

To catch the recruiter’s eye, you have to stand from the competition. In other words, the general appearance of your resume must be attractive and original. That does not mean you should pick a fancy template, sobriety and elegance are critical. By going to a reliable CV creator website, you will discover the perfect CV layout, the one that will help get the job. You will have the choice among some CV layouts and select the one that reflects your personality the best. Avoid too bright colors and extravagant patterns, a resume layout can be both original and sober. 

Use the Perfect Font for your Resume

It is crucial to submit a readable CV to recruiters. Otherwise, they might ignore your whole job application file. Therefore, you need to choose the right font. For clarity, use a standard Arial or Times New Roman. Do not use too original font because it would harm the content, and the recruiter might not want to even read it. Prefer a classic font size of 10 or 11. Just keep in mind that your resume must remain legible and aesthetic at the same time. Thus, even if you find an unusual font beautiful, forget about it if it is hard to read.

You can use colors but not too much so as not to overload your CV. Always beware of harmony. Among the most commonly used colors, blue is well received by recruiters. It is less strict than black and brightens up the CV while remaining sober. Dark brown has the same effect.

Use Spacing that Separates the CV Sections

You should remember that recruiters receive tons of CVs so, they do not make any effort to read them. The least detail that complicate the reading is prohibitive. In addition to the attractive CV layout and the font, you need to pay attention to the spacing of the sections. Separate them clearly so that the person who consults it can see directly what interests them and will not waste time decrypting your career path. 

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