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Attention News Drivers: Here’s How to Cut Your Car Insurance Bills

The cost of insuring a car has never been greater – with new drivers often being quoted in excess of £400 a year to insure their cars, even when choosing eco-friendly car lease deals on vehicles which are supposed to be ‘cheap’ to insure.

You have all probably hear of black boxes which are used to help ridiculous insurance premiums, however there is now another technology available that can also help to bring insurance costs down – Dash cams. For more information on these insurance-lowering technologies keep on reading…

Black Boxes

Black boxes, also referred to as telematics, encourage young and new drivers to drive safely and within the speed limits, recording your driving habits and sending these to insurers in real time. These boxes cannot be turned off and provide accurate data. These boxes are usually free in install and can bring insurance costs down tenfold. Some insurance policies in which come with these boxes come with curfews however more and more insurances companies are now ditching curfews and focusing on other aspects of driving.

Dash Cams

Dash cams are quickly becoming a great alternative to telematics boxes when it comes to trying to decrease insurance premiums. Dash cams are mini video recorders in which are supplied and fitted for free with some insurance policies. They are wired to a cars ignition system so they are always turned on when a car is driving; recording everything so that if an accident occurs the insurer is easily able to see who is at fault.

Top Tips

These are only two of the ways in which new drivers can work to get cheaper car insurance too – Some drivers choose in incorporate both, and another way to bring insurance down is to add additional, experienced drivers to your policy.

It is also worth researching insurance policies before deciding on a car as the car you choose can have a huge impact on your insurance. New drivers are advised to choose newer cars that are eco-friendly with small engines. You also need to work out how many miles you are going to be driving each year as this can have an impact and decide what kind of cover you what, for example comprehensive or third party.

What are your thoughts? What have you done to get your car insurance down? Let us know that has worked for you so that others can aim to get insurance quotes which are as low as possible.

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