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Benefits of Online Giving

Technology is increasingly transforming the society, leaving no industry untouched. It has influenced every aspect of our lives, including work, travel, school, communication, eating, drinking, and virtually everything that has to do with people. Well, people go to church and technology has followed suit.

It is not a surprise that people no longer carry physical bibles to church anymore. What they carry are computer tablets, iPads, and smart phones installed with any bible version already developed for scriptural reference. Church ministers are also able to minister in new ways through the use of technological advances. For a long time now, churches have been projecting sermon notes and displaying church events and announcements on bog screens for the congregation. All these have increased tech application in the church.

Also, technology has gone ahead to facilitate the church with electronic giving and donations. With electronic payments having taken full effect in the corporate industry, the church was soon to follow. While some church leaders are hesitant on embracing technology in church, many have had an amazing discovery by making use of online giving.

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Benefits of Online Giving for the Church

  • Less administrative burden – Online giving enables the church to have smooth administrative processes since online donations require less processing. Church administrative workers do not need to login such information as it’s computerized. Also, there’s no need to do manual counting which is time consuming and could easily lead to wrong summations.
  • Security – the church is able to secure donations done online unlike those that are not handles electronically as no one can make withdrawals without authorization.
  • Increased giving – People give more online. Studies have shown that where a church adopts online giving and church donations, overall giving increases by 10 – 30 percent.
  • It is cost effective for the church to handle online transactions.

Benefits of Online Giving for the Congregation

  • Online giving removes distractions that happen during the service when it’s giving time.
  • You can give anywhere and at any time. You no longer need to wait until you are on church premises to give; online giving allows you to give remotely.
  • Secure online giving allows you to send your offering or contribution securely.
  • Fast – online giving is fast, and require an individual to just press a few keys on their keyboards and the giving is done. After giving, the donor usually receives an instant prompt acknowledging their donation.

Technology has transformed our lifestyles and this including buying and selling. If people can buy and sell electronically, it follows that church giving can also be done electronically. In fact, more and more people want to give online. More than 80 percent Americans have access to the Internet, over 55 percent have smear phones, over 65 percent pay bills via the Internet, and over 60 percent have already given online. Recent online giving research has also shown that the trend has continued to increase with 14 percent online giving while offline giving has increased by only 1.5 percent. When utilized positively, technology is a great tool to help organizations both business and religious.

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