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Benefits of Speed Bumps in Your Neighborhood

Finding ways to keep your neighborhood safe is very important.  This should include ensuring the local roadways are safe and free of cars speeding at excessive speeds.  One form of control that many neighborhoods have put in place is to have speed bumps installed on the roads.

One benefit of speed bumps is that they can help to control auto speeds.  When driving on a local road, most communities will have speed and warning signs posted.  However, for a distracted driver, these can be easy to miss.  While warning and speed signs can be easily missed, speed bumps tend to easily identified as they tend to be brightly painted and are in the middle of the street.  Out of concern of going over them at a high speed, drivers tend to go very slowly when approaching any speed bump.

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Another benefit of installing speed bumps in your community is that it is a less controversial form of speed control.  Many communities have tried other methods to control driving speeds.  These have included installing speed cameras, having more patrol units in certain areas to writing speeding tickets, and charging higher rates for speeders. In many situations, these methods end up being less effective than speed bumps and will also be more controversial.

Installing speed bumps can also be a more affordable option than other options. Communities that look for more law enforcement or want to install speed cameras can spend millions of dollars on these costs.  Speed bumps can end up having even better results at a fraction of the cost, which will allow the community to invest elsewhere.

In conclusion, controlling driving speed in your community is very important.  One way to do this is to install speed bumps, which can have a variety of positive impacts on your community to improve safety.

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