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Caring for your well being

The government agencies in the US always formulate the rules and regulations to safe guard the interest of the workers. One such law which is there to safeguard the workers from accidents at the work place is Workers comp.

What is workers’ compensation?

Workers compensation is the insurance policy which is governed by the state government. It is made compulsory by the state government, for the employer to purchase the insurance for its employees to protect them from any accident occurring on the work place. The employee does not make any contribution to the insurance and the employer is supposed to bear the entire burden. Under the insurance following heads are covered:

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  1. Medical benefits: Under this insurance, all the expenses incurred in the treatment of injuries caused on the work place are taken care of.
  2. Income loss: Under this account, loss in the income due to the mishap is taken care of.
  3. Death benefit: If the employee meets with the fatal accident which results in the death of the employees then the surviving members of the family are provided compensation from the insurer.

How this insurance operates?

There are certain provisions which the employees should follow to claim compensation from the state. These provisions are as follows:

  • The employee should meet with the accident while performing duty in the duty hours.
  • You should report to the doctor and should report to the state insurance agency within 30 days of the occurrence of the accident. You should use medical reports as the supporting documents which could be of immense help in providing the claims to you.
  • You should have missed the working of 7days from your work place.
  • You should adhere to the advice given by the doctor. If you fail to adhere to the medical recommendation then you are not eligible to claim for compensation.

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