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Do you Consider URL Shorteners Good for SEO Needs

Have you been using Twitter or any other form of micro blogging? You should be aware of url compressor. These are at times seems a blessing for marketing your business. In case, you require a message and find that the URL link is considerably long to accommodate what you have to say along with it, you would be required to use URL shortening service. It would enable you to accommodate the message along with the URL easily. It has been a common phenomenon with the Twitter users. The shorteners have been deemed convenient and quick, based on the kind of micro blogging service you intend to use.

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Finding the right link shortener

A number of business owners would be searching for the right link shorteners to suit their respective needs. It would be in your best interest that you should look forward to having the best link shortener and tracker. It should let you track the people from a pop-up screen on your browser. The lengthy URLs appearing in posts should be shortened using the best URL shortening services. A majority of services have started allowing the users to customize the URLs. Therefore, the first string above could be marketed with a name you actually choose. The drawbacks would be that a wide number of popular names would be used.

Is it good for your SEO needs?

In case, you have been using Twitter constantly, it would be good service. However, you may often wonder whether the shortened URL would be good for your SEO needs. It would be pertinent to mention here that you would be able to see spam accounts on the rise. However, inclusion of such a URL may appear safe; it may lead to phishing link. Therefore, it would be imperative that you should look for shortened links in a careful manner. Click on the links if you were certain about the source. Moreover, using another company’s URL roots in your specific posts despite your own domain could set back the marketing efforts. With a number of people viewing your name, chances are higher about them remembering your URL. It has been deemed important that long strings would cut down the risk of strength of your brand, as and when you micro-blog.

It does not imply that you should not be using URL shortening services. The idea is to be sure of using the best service that allows you to customize the link name.

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