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Don’t Let Blackout Bring your work down

Summary: This article emphasize on inverter charger and different types of inverter charger and the importance of them in the power backup system.

With the rise in the category of technology and development of new products, electric power has become one of the most important component for survival and sustainability of day to day life. Everything, from our smartphones to air conditioners all works on the electrical power making our life simpler. A blackout even for brief interval of time can lead to lot of problems and can get you off your schedule. Here were inverter charger are used to supply the electricity with the help of batteries when in need and helps to keep you on your track.

8000W 48Vdc Split phase pure sine wave inverter charger

A pure sine wave inverter charger is one that converts DC power in batteries into AC to help run different appliances properly.  They are configured into two modes, utility and inverter mode. When a power failure is detected, the pure sine inverter charger gets transferred from utility to inverter mode property the adequate power to meet your power needs. The inverter work with batteries and there work includes supplying power and even charging the battery. Different range of inverters are available on the basis of phase split, phase and type of wave required. A split phase inverter charger can also provide you with different output power to suit the requirement of your appliances. In 120/240 Vac, 120 is used for light commercial application whereas 240 is used for heavy loads like compressors, fridge, ac etc.. 2 phase inverter charger are capable of producing and can work on two different AC signals with some phase difference allowing the vital use of the stored energy or charges in battery.

5kW split phase pure sine wave inverter charger

 A inverter charger is a vital source of power backup system for you homes and offices. It is always important to ensure the quality of inverter to ensure the safety of the other appliances and battery. Using the components manufactured by trusted manufacturer is always necessary. Fox power are one if the leading manufacturers in the field  of inverter charger and can be relied on.

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