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Emergency AC Repair in Austin

A well-functioning air conditioner has become a ‘must have’ in our 21st century society, along with keeping a contact for an emergency AC repair in Austin, TX near bye. In southern regions with persistent humidity, this is a must!

A Quick Guide to How an Air Conditioner Cools your Home

  • The refrigerant is sent to the AC unit’s evaporator coils.
  • The blowing mechanism draws in hot air, which is then passed over the installed refrigerant.
  • The refrigerant cools the hot air
  • The blower forces the cooled air (courtesy of the refrigerant) back into your home.
  • The evaporator coils then circulate the refrigerant back into the compressor, where it is converted to high-pressure gas.
  • The refrigerant is then distributed back through the coils of the condenser where it converts to a liquid state.
  • The refrigerant is then distributed through an expansion valve where the heat is extracted. When the refrigerant leaves the expansion valve area, it returns to the house, where the cycle is repeated again and again.
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To maintain a comfortably cool temperature in your Austin, TX (or anywhere else for that matter) home you need a fluid that both condenses and evaporates very quickly. Refrigerant is the perfect product for such a task. Significantly faster than water, the refrigerant is a more efficient cooling method for your home.

Don’t get caught with a malfunctioning AC when the next heat-related weather event arrives! 

If you depend upon an inefficient, repair prone AC system, you are wagering on the risky situation of air conditioning failure. As such, you are choosing to increase your risk of needing a pricey emergency AC repair visit often. Additionally, a broken-down AC can potentially damage the other related mechanisms of the AC’s system.

In other words, by selecting an efficient AC and maintaining it as recommended by its manufacturer helps reduce the risk that you won’t have the discomfort or inconvenience of having no AC in the dog days of an Austin Summer.

If you bought the air conditioning system only several years ago, it might actually be inefficient when measured against today’s benchmarks.

Air conditioners are complex machines where problems are not so obvious to the novice. Some issues are hidden and help waste energy dollars. Using an appropriately maintained and properly functioning air conditioning system can save nearly 60% of energy costs for some.

If your need an emergency AC repair in Austin, TX, please contact our professional air conditioning repair specialists about our existing emergency maintenance plans, repair and installation services.

Our friendly, prompt Air Conditioning professional technicians are courteous, and knowledgeable enough to understand the nature of the emergency.  Call today!


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