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Fashion Statement Of Bruce Guilford

Fashion is a state of someone’s expression. It includes the style, statement, personality, physical gesture. A person’s profession, habits, mentality, behaviour, and gesture everything can be observed through the person’s fashion sense. The main thing is the profession. A professor’s clothing and a pop star’s clothing would be totally different. The serious the post of the individual is, the dressing becomes more formal. On the other hand, those who are in the entertainment businesses they always have to experiment with their clothing. These are the basic difference between people who are in different fields of working.

Different types of fashion:

There is nothing particular in fashion. It’s ever-changing. Fashion depends on everybody’s choice. What one person likes, will never be the same with the other. Fashion differs from one person to another, rather one personality to another. The people who are in academics has to wear formal or semi-formal outfits. The people who are in multinational companies, they have to wear formal all the time. There is no other option for them.

On the other hand, people who are in fashion business, they can wear whatever they want to. They can experiment with their looks. There is no boundary for them. Bruce Guilford being in the academic field most of the time wears formal clothing but in some social events she likes to experiment a bit.

Celebrity influence:

It is always the celebrity who starts the fashion trends. The designers and clothing brands make them the face of the brands. Be it formal or experimental clothing, whatever they pull off, it suits them. And the most important point to keep in this time is that whatever the celebrities would wear, the public is ready to grasp it.

Blogger’s influence:

In this modern era of social media the bloggers hold the torch in the fashion industry when it comes to making a trend. Bloggers not only endorse different types of clothes but they also shows how to style things differently making looks on how to wear a same clothing differently. Also they attend fashion shows and fashion weeks. They get special invitation from the brands. This also depends on the number of followers a person has. The more followers a blogger has, he/she is going to get more promoted by the brand.

So the bloggers or influencers are very important in the modern days of social media. Because bloggers are more active on social media and they reach out to the consumers directly, it’s always a privilege to promote something through the bloggers or influencers. Although most of the times the bloggers create look which includes experiment, there are times when they style formal clothing as well. It totally depends on the demand they get from their followers.

So creating a fashion statement is not a universal thing. It totally depends on the person who is pulling it off. It basically depends on the person’s profession and personality. These are the basic thing that one individual needs to look for when they’re going to create their own look.

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