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Getting Your Children into Eating Their Veggies

Are you fed up of not being able to get your kids to eat their vegetables? Tired of the screaming asking for something else but veggies? Well then you’re in luck because we can provide you with some helpful tips of how to get your children to eat up…without screaming. The peace.

Vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients so there is no doubt they’re super good for you, but because it is deemed as ‘healthy’ kids simply don’t want them and sometimes do everything in their power to not eat a carrot, or broccoli. With the rising number of child obesity and kids simply not getting out their house it is more important than ever to stop this and simply get them to eat more…good stuff.

So I bet you’re wondering, well how can you help me? Here is a list of tips you can use on your kids to help them eat up:

  • ü First thing is first introducing them slowly to vegetables and what I meant by this don’t put a load on their plates and force them to eat them, because they just won’t, even if it means getting grounding for a weak. You should to put a few vegetables on the plate one at a time and they will get use to the flavour and taste, and you can even reward them for people good – but this doesn’t mean with bad food like chocolate, you can reward them with a toy, or letting them stay up half an hour later, things simple yet effective.
  • ü When introducing them to vegetables start them off with snacks first, for example carrot sticks, a way to encourage them to eat them is by having it with a dip like salsa or hummus.
  • ü An effective way by getting your kids to eat up is actually having them grow the plants themselves. Hydroponics has become incredibly popular in the recent years through internally growing fruit and vegetables. This is due to them tasting better and growing quicker. To see which hydroponics equipment you will need to grow your favourite veggies, visit
  • ü Why not make vegetables into a tasty smoothie – this way you can ensure that your child get all the nutrients and minerals they need whilst not having to physical eat the vegetable.
  • ü With younger children it can be handy actually having the vegetables in shape of a face or flower for instance, this can encourage them to their vegetables.
  • ü Not only is it handy for the kids to get involved if you grow your own fruit and vegetables, but even by being involved in the cooking process can help. Why is this? Well they feel involved with what they have made and there’s a higher chance of them eating it.

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