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Improve your strategy making skills by playing rummy on the app

That you can win rummy based on luck, is a complete myth. Rummy is won based on skills, strategies, and tricks. Once you learn the basic rules of Rummy, you can work your way up and improve how you approach the game. The most effective way to get better at rummy is to practice regularly, on a rummy app. To regularly play rummy,downloading the app is the best option. The apps make the gaming experience much smoother and easier for players by offering them a number of different features. Read on to find out the different strategies you can use while playing rummy on the app.

Different strategies to use while playing rummy on the app

  • Practice regularly on free games

This may come as a given, but it’s one of the best ways to improve your strategy-making skills. If you don’t practice regularly, you get out of habit and your skills begin to take a backseat. Only with regular practice, can you work on your weaknesses and learn better strategies to help you win. On the rummy app, you can get the free games version where you can practice without spending any money. For this reason, if you want to rummy, downloadis the way to go.

  • Observe your opponents

It is important to keep track of the moves your opponent makes. Observe the cards he discards and picks up from the open pile. This way, you get a fairly good idea about his gameplay. For instance, if the opponent picks up mostly red-colored suits, you would know that discarding cards with hearts and diamonds would help the person. Likewise, if the person discards black cards, you would know that discarding your unmatched clubs and spades is just fine. It is better to memorize which cards the opponent picks and discards.

  • Use the Joker Card Wisely

In a 13-card rummy, there are mostly 2 printed jokers and 8 wildcard jokers. (Except when only there are 2 players. In that case, 1 deck of cards is used, with 1 printed joker and 4 wildcard jokers). Jokers are like the jack of all trades. They can be used to substitute other cards that are missing from your hand, in order to meld cards and form impure sequences. You should know when and how to use joker cards to the best of your advantage. Do not discard them without spending a moment’s thought on them. However, you cannot use joker cards to form sets and pure sequences, both of which are important for you to have a valid hand. As such, it is of no practical use to hold on to too many joker cards either.

  • Drop when you need to

In order to not collect high points in rummy, it is important to read the hand you are dealing with carefully. If you think it cannot be melded in any way, you should drop your hand early in the game, to avoid gaining points and losing more and more money in the case of cash rummy games.


When you use the above-mentioned strategies in your game, you will improve your chances of winning at rummy significantly. By using the rummy app, you can practice the game regularly and work on these strategies.

Download the Rummy app and get started with the exciting card game today!

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