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Improving Productivity on Construction Sites

‘Time is money’ – This is probably a phrase that you’ve heard several times if you work in the construction industry. When working in construction there’s a multitude of things in which can results in deadlines being missed by weeks, and even months, these things include inefficient use of employees, loss of equipment and much more. To ensure that all businesses working within the construction industry are able to work as productively as possible, today we are going to be providing some top tips…

Plan, plan, plan



The most expensive aspect of construction is often improper planning. While working in construction there’s an abundance of things in which can go wrong, and many of these things can be predicted and therefore avoided. Before bringing anyone on site leaders should ensure that they have planned everything, including the minor details.

Staff productivity


If you are the manager of a construction site there is no doubt that you will have a number of employees, each of which will be trained for specific jobs. To ensure that everything is completed as efficiently and quickly as possible, you must ensure that each individual is doing the most appropriate jobs for their skillsets. Make sure that staff members are productive at all times though, when they are not doing them assigned job they shouldn’t be stood around chatting; they should be training others and cleaning up.

Storage containers and portable buildings


Storage containers – Storage containers should not only be used to keep outdated equipment out of the way, instead they should be hired for every job and left onsite to store tools and equipment so time does not have to be spent each day on picking things up from various places.

Portable buildings – When working in construction companies should also hire portable buildings and toilet blocks, this can provide workers with places to go to the toilet, eat their dinner, hold meetings and much more – meaning they have to leave the site less often and spend much less time travelling. Luckily for all, many companies rent out these buildings at incredibly low prices, with one recommended supplier being

New technology


All organisations should embrace new technology. New technologies and equipment can allow for jobs to be completed much quicker, again saving time. Many people who have been working in construction for a long period of time don’t like things to change, however change is important when looking for utmost efficiency.  Whenever new equipment is provided however you must ensure that staff members are adequately trained.

Track equipment


Constructions workers sometimes tend to have bad habits of losing things – however, it doesn’t have to be this way. It is possible to track equipment easily using GPS trackers which are available at small costs. Many people think that these are expensive to purchase but in reality they are not and can save people huge amounts of money.


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