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Is Your Hydroponic Garden Overheating? Here’s Some Top Tips

Many people think that hydroponic gardening is simply a solution for growing otherwise seasonal plants during winter, however hydroponics gardening is able to create the most amazing results all year round providing advice and tips are followed at all times.  Grow rooms and tents are known to get hot, and in summer hydroponics suppliers typically get asked how to cool these down a lot. In line with this today we are going to be providing some great advice for those looking to keep temperatures down and enable plants to keep growing, greater than ever before. Keep reading for more information…

Hydroponic Garden Cooling Tips

Intake and outtake fans: There are many important aspects to consider when looking to achieve the greatest results in a grow tent, and air flow is one of them. You need to ensure that you have the best and most appropriately sized intake and outtake fans in your grow tent, and one supplier offering a fantastic range is

Air conditioning: Not only do you need to make sure that you have good, clean air in your hydroponic tent, but you also have to ensure that this air is the best temperature. When growing hydroponically, especially during the summer and warmer months, you should invest in at least one quality air conditioning system.

Opticlimate: If there is one piece of equipment in which hydroponics enthusiasts would recommend using during the summer month, it would definitely be the opticliamte. The opticalimate is basically a kind of air conditioning; however it uses water to keep things extra cool.

Water cooled lights: During the hottest months it can be a good idea for hydroponic growers to switch from air cooled lighting to water cooled lighting. Water cooled lighting options are far more efficient and can work to minimize the requirements of air conditioning systems.

Run at night: A lot of indoor growers choose to have their lights on during the day, and this is a huge mistake. A good way to keep temperatures down during the summer months is to run grow lights at night, this is because grow rooms will then be able to suck in cool night air instead of blistering heat. Another advantage of using grow lights at night as opposed to during the day is that electricity bills will be cheaper due to being out of peak times.

Room insulation: You must ensure that you insulate your grow room/tent impeccably, this is will stop masses of outdoor heat from being able to enter. If possible you should also try to place your grown tent somewhere that isn’t going to be directly in the sun during the hottest hours.

These are only some of the available tips for hydroponic growing during summer too. For further information and advice we would recommend talking to your local hydroponics supplier who should be no more than happy to help.

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