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Phentermine is a pill which is taken for weight loss and has both good and bad results. This is looked for its efficiency for weight loss and also helps in supressing the appetite as well as lowering the blood pressure levels. This pill is also popular as it was used by diabetes, heart patients as well as chronic fatigue syndrome patients.

For weight loss

Few people found this pill useful for weight loss. It was added with vitamin D3, B12 and ketogenic diet where energy was made from fat. When this pill was used, people experience weight loss and they were energetic while light headache was seen. But there did not have any appetite and they had to force themselves for eating the required calories. Many people did not have the desire to at any food, or junks or soda. When Phentermine was used for a month, the users were super energetic and they did not notice any increase in their appetite. This pill Phentermine results in appetite suppression making the person not eat much. While this pill Phentermine was used for Diabetes, few people noticed that this pill kicked in and they noticed decreases in the fat tissues in their body and this made their body become even more sensitive to insulin. Many diabetic users were extremely happy with the results of using Phentermine. Few people noticed that their AIC dropped.

Phentermine used by high blood pressure patients

When Phentermine was used by a patient who had high blood pressure, there could see drastic drop in the weight and amazingly their high blood pressure medications were also reduced to half. They could reduce their medication dosage when Phentermine was used. Few people lost weight as well as their blood pressure reduced and the person’s moods were also better. Along with weight loss, there were less migraines to the person. Few users need not continue their medication for high blood pressure while they did lose weight using Phentermine. People observed average weight loss per week. When user had to use different medications for high blood pressure, after using Phentermine for an year and along with weight loss, he even stopped using medications for blood pressure too.

Heart patients and for chronic fatigue syndrome

Heart patient after using Phentermine could lose weight and the doctor said that the medication was beneficial to the patient. While there were users who could reduce their heart rate as well as the blood pressure in less time when there were using Phentermine. When a patient with chronic fatigue syndrome used Phentermine, they could lose weight and they even reposted there were no side effects and the user could experience increase in the energy. There were users who could lose weight and their appetite was supressed while they drank water. Many users had positive results when they used phentermine 37.5 for weight loss. Overall many users experienced low blood pressure, low A1C along with weight loss while it also worked for diabetic, heat and chronic fatigue syndrome patients.

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