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Quality Quartz: Great Choice for Kitchen Countertops

Homeowners looking to add an exciting finish to their kitchens should consider using quartz countertops because the man-made material is not only incredibly durable, but it’s also available in a huge range of styles that can satisfy just about any design project imaginable.

Quartz is produced in factories by combining the mineral quartz with synthetic resins, and the fact that it’s man-made means it is a very strong material that is resistant to stains and scratches. It also doesn’t need to be sealed to prevent against damage from absorption of liquids, so these physical qualities alone make it a great choice in a busy room like a kitchen where accidents happen. Cleaning quartz countertops is also a simple task by wiping it down with soap and warm water.

But the appearance of quartz is perhaps the biggest draw for using it for kitchen countertops, because it can be produced in a wide range of styles – everything from solid single colors to more dramatic combinations of colors, whatever the home requires there’s bound to be a good quartz option.

For example, use a quartz countertop made of a medium brown tone with very light specks and veins of white. Combine the countertop with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances for a bright, welcoming appearance that will make the kitchen inviting to anyone using it.

Another way to show off solid color quartz countertops is using it for a kitchen “island,” which is the stand-alone unit that’s used for food preparation and dining. A solid brown quartz countertop works well here, and can be continued with a “waterfall” finish where the same pattern on the top of the island also runs vertically down the sides of the island.

Gray is another solid color that can make for an attractive quartz countertop, and the dark surface will help to hide small stains before they’re cleaned up. The gray can contrast nicely with white or other light-colored cabinets in the kitchen for a sophisticated appearance.

Or make a bolder visual statement by using a quartz countertop produced to look like natural stone with its veins and other markings – but at lower cost and with easier installation than some types of stone. One great example is using a quartz countertop with a base white color and large specks and swirls in shades of brown and gray, creating a stylish finish for the room.

Quartz countertops can also be produced to look like white marble with subtle gray markings, a perfect way to achieve the much-desired appearance of marble but at a much lower cost and with significantly less installation and upkeep stress. This color matches nicely with white fixtures and fittings, but because it’s neutral it can also pair with darker-colored units.

The options above help to show why quartz is such a wonderful choice for kitchen countertops, but the choices aren’t limited to these examples. Whatever the style of the home, it’s almost guaranteed that the right quartz countertop exists to give a kitchen the perfect visual finish.

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