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Reinforcing Raw Milk as a Super Food – Geoffrey Morell Shares his Views

History says that ‘raw milk’; it could be from a goat, a cow, a yak, horse or even sheep, was considered to be a super food. Doctors have time and again recommended the consumption of milk, either as a part of one’s daily diet or a special food item of focus for the pregnant, the elderly, and the unhealthy and in fact for the warriors too. The founder of Western A. Price Foundation, Mr. Geoffrey Morell is reinforcing this charismatic effect of raw milk, for the sustenance of a healthy life style.

According to an ancient folklore, milk was used to even drive out demons of sickness in Babylon. While a part of the raw, warm milk was drunk immediately after it was milked from the animal, a greater portion of it was fermented, sometimes cultured to produce, extremely delicious varieties of cheese, kefir, yoghurt, and several other types of lacto fermented beverages. At that time people had very little or no knowledge about the usefulness of ‘probiotics’.

Nutritional Efficiency of Milk and Its Essentials In Daily Life

Going through the history of the usage of milk, it can be further found that at a point of time in history, doctors used milk to cure many a sickness, such as asthma, colitis, diabetes, tuberculosis as well as obesity. The varied benefits of raw milk have been experienced by Geoffrey Morell, which is why he too has decided to spread the awareness of the multiple advantages of this easily available raw material.

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It is thus that even at his current age of 85 years, he and his wife Sally Fallon-Morell have recently bought a farm, wherein they intend to raise cattle and practice dairy farm. In this way, they will be able to procure the best quality raw milk from the animals. Added to his deep belief in the helpful effects of raw milk, Mr. Morell seems to have founded a stop the aging process, of course by that he does not mean to stop the biological growth of the body, but by that he means to able to live a longer life but in a more youthful manner.

Having put down the long list of benefits that can be got from the consumption of raw milk, it should be remembered that there are certain rules involved in the way it should be consumed. The IBD Remission Diet suggests that raw milk can give successful outcome when it is taken with easily digestible foods such as fruits.

In the past, Dr. Charles Sanford Porter MD wrote a book on raw milk as remedy for healing chronic diseases and this he wrote not out of any fancy imagination but after conducting a research on approximately 18,000 patients over a period of 37 years. His experiment proved that raw milk was capable of curing diseases both mild and severe alike. And thus, came about the ‘Raw Milk Cure’.

However, as said earlier, this mode of treatment had certain guidelines and rules that needed to be followed by the doctors using this treatment, and the results of it were mindboggling.

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