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Research Reveals an Unhealthy Level of Employee Dissatisfaction

Learning that you are losing a key player in a team to another firm is an unwelcome piece of news for an HR advisor. Whilst it’s a fact of life that staff come and go, the emphasis is on how to retain that vital person. Can anything be done to halt increasing discontent in the workplace?

Research by the CV Library featured in HR News has revealed that the rate of employee dissatisfaction is worrying. 40% of any workforce is unhappy; 96% of these people are actively seeking employment elsewhere.

These statistics should alarm, if not shock, HR management and business owners. It appears that satisfaction in the worker’s current circumstances is a strong motivator; when employees lack this they are prone to wish to move on. 4 in 10 dissatisfied employees at any given time is unhealthy and it must be addressed.

Could your business survive an exodus of 40% of the workforce? There’s no guarantee that the 40% would leave at the same time; it is far more likely that it would be a gradual loss, but this should still give pause for thought.

The CV Library listed the top ten industries for employee dissatisfaction and it offered a valuable insight.

Top ten

• Marketing.
• Legal.
• Hospitality.
• Accounting.
• IT sectors.
• Recruitment.
• Engineering.
• Charity.
• Agriculture.
• Retail.

Most jobs in the UK are linked to or classified as within these ten sectors. So, it is not unreasonable to suggest that 40% of the UK workforce are not satisfied in their current position. This is not how matters need to remain; there are tools which HR advisors and training managers can use to help companies manage employees, increase happiness and staff retention.

The most effective of these tools include:

  • To encourage an open and friendly atmosphere.
  • Keep all lines of communication open.
  • Seek ways to incentivise employee buy-in.
  • Continually and actively encourage employee input.
  • Offer opportunities for employees to learn and develop.
  • Recognise and reward achievements and aim for future successes.

Please contact an experienced HR advisor

The strength of employee relations and effective HR practices has a significant impact on your company environment. Please don’t imagine that your enterprise is immune to issues.

An HR advisor can look at your company and workforce situation and help you to examine how and why your staff may be unhappy and leaving at an uncomfortable rate. Improved retention is only achieved through satisfaction levels. Speaking to an HR advisor could also protect you from unforeseen problems, before they occur.

Robin Rhodes is a member of Thames Valley Business Advisors and a leading HR advisor. He focuses on helping SME’s across the Thames Valley across all areas of HR. Robin has over 30 years of experience in HR and 20 years overseeing employment tribunals, so his advice really can make a difference.

Please contact Robin via Thames Valley Business Advisors, e-mail, Skype or telephone with any HR issues, large or small.


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