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Revitalising Small Garden Spaces

Many people that have small gardens often struggle to decide what to do with their limited space; this can result in people putting a cap on originality and comfort. Of course if you have a small garden you are going to be limited in what you can do – but you shouldn’t see this as a reason to put you off, instead you should but your planning abilities and problem solving methods to test.

The key is to utilise all space intelligently. Just some ways in which this can be achieved include using seats that also act as storage, opting for wall mounted plant hangers instead of pots that take up ground space and using mirrors to create the illusion of more space just like people do inside their homes. Today we are going to be listing just a few ideas for those with small gardens with the intention of enabling all to revitalise their outdoor space.

Mix your media

A high number of garden designers when working with small spaces have been known to create different zones within the gardens. Creating interesting interlocking zones with distinctive materials such as wooden decking and natural stone paving slabs can work well to make gardens and outdoor spaces appear larger than they actually are. Spaces in-between created zones can be filled with greenery and foliage that is easy to look after and maintain.

Dare to do something different

Small gardens provide people with the opportunity to do something different, something in which they have always wanted to do but previously been afraid of judgement. One thing that we have seen a lot of this spring is people and designers using bath tubs and toilets as flower planters. Other ideas include but are by no means limited to using old wellies as planters, covering garden furniture in artificial grass, creating seating using tyres and collections an abundance of garden decorations.

Aim high

It is possible to transform small gardens into lush habitats simply by designing a tactile and towering living wall – These walls can be placed on any wall that a garden is home to. For those that do not wish to cover an entire wall in greenery, another great option is to plant beautiful flowers and shrubs in wall hangers. This allows for as much ground space as possible to be left available for other uses.

Take-away tips

  • Be yourself and do what you want
  • Don’t be afraid to be different
  • Consider all available options before making any decisions
  • If in doubt ask a  garden designer or landscaper to assist, these can be found here:
  • Measure all space before buying or ordering any materials, furniture or decoration

Hopefully this article has been helpful to you; don’t hesitate to share your garden pictures once you have completed your project – We would love to see your hard work!

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