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The skills ofchosing of video conferencing

In software video conferencing applications, users need to configure the corresponding peripherals, such as: video cameras, projectors or LCD display devices, microphones and sound reinforcement equipment. Clear, natural audio and video exchange is the software video conferencing system is the primary factor in the successful implementation.

On the device

For different enterprises, how to choose their own video conferencing audio and video equipment?

Personal video conferencing

Generally refers to the private configuration of the video conference for 3-5 small group meetings, mobile portability, the use of personal computers and notebooks can participate in video conferencing. Audio and video equipment configuration, the use of notebook comes with equipment or convenient usb audio and video equipment.

Small and medium video conferencing

Small and medium-sized video conferencing for the staff not much. Fifty people on it. Audio and video output effects are relatively low. Audio configuration 1-2 directional microphone plus the source speaker can be, or directly use the portable speakers can meet the needs of the relevant aspects.

Video input device can be equipped with PTZ camera, video output device can be configured with an LCD TV or projector, large size display plasma display, etc., the layout should be used to reflect the white and black. Conference room sound effects to use sound insulation equipment. Do a good job in preventing resonance, echo phenomenon.

Large video conferencing

Large conference room solutions General participants in less than sixty people, the configuration aspects of audio and video output requirements are relatively high. In addition to the configuration of video conferencing systems, the general also equipped with conference sound system, a number of microphone systems, display systems and so on.

Large video conferencing program audio and video input and output to be equipped with multi-channel professional microphone and functional sound amplifier. Video capture can be used high-definition capture card and PTZ camera, video output needs to use a larger display, so as to have more intuitive video effects. The walls need to be pink and white, to do a good job of color coordination of the ceiling, sound also use sound insulation devices to prevent resonance, echo phenomenon.

Network video conferencing system can be used anytime, anywhere, even through the 3G wireless network, the user as long as there is a notebook, a headset, a camera that is held a video conference TheSoftware on

So how does the network remote video conferencing system choose?

Network video conferencing system in the choice of a lot of types, companies in the choice of time to make decisions based on the situation.

First, the system is stable, safe and reliable

Network video conferencing system is a very real-time system, while the dissemination of information and there is a high confidentiality requirements, so in the organization of the meeting, the system stable, safe and reliable operation to become the most basic requirements.

Second, excellent product quality

High-definition audio and video conferencing products must be high quality.

Third, the rich data collaboration function

Network video conferencing system in the audio and video communication should have a strong data exchange capabilities, to achieve desktop sharing, document sharing, web collaborative browsing, program sharing, electronic whiteboard, file transfer, text chat and other data functions.

Fourth, the network adaptability

Network video conferencing system is designed for long-distance space needs, so the data communication conditions, it determines the video system work is good or bad. Requires excellent voice quality, audio is absolutely continuous, clear images, no mosaic and abnormal phenomenon.

Fifth, compatibility

Network video conferencing systems need to have good compatibility, in addition to their own version of the upgrade compatibility and confidentiality, but also with other brand products, audio and video signals interoperability capabilities.

Six, the perfect meeting management function

Network video conferencing system is a shared platform, it must be able to allow users to get a few minutes to get started with the meeting tools, not just for professional and technical personnel to use the system, so the system is easy to use is the product development!

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