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Trending mobile Covers In 2017

Mobile covers keep evolving year after year. It’s vital to go for a cover that not only looks stylish but also provides ample protection. There are a variety of covers out there to choose from. Here are a few ones that are currently in trend.

  1. Waterproof cover


The monsoons (which are already here!) provide some picturesque views. It gets really difficult to take pictures while enjoying getting drenched. A waterproof mobile cover solves all the problems for you. Well, it’s even helpful if you are a fan of water sports and want to click some awesome pictures under water.

  1. Battery charger cover


Are you always worried about your phone running out of battery and the charging symbol showing a red sign? Probably, this type of cover is for you. Charge your phone and get an assured 100% additional battery life with this cover. The strong mobile cover can act as a perfect defence against accidental drops.

  1. Wallet cover


With these types of covers, you can fit in cards as well as cash. So you don’t have to worry about carrying a wallet again. This cover is like a one stop option for all your necessary requirements when you are hurrying somewhere. In addition, the construction of this mobile cover is shock-absorbent.

  1. Holster and clip type cover


So this is for those who don’t like carrying their phone around in their pockets. This mobile cover is light in weight too so you cannot get bothered with it when it is clipped with your belt.

  1. Sleeve covers


Most of the sleeve covers come with a screen protector. So they give an excellent protection against scratches and drops. Also, dust and other pollutants are kept from clogging the inputs of the phone by these mobile covers.

  1. Openable Cover


These types of mobile covers can be opened in the back. It looks like a window on the back cover. So you can attach it as the back of the phone instead of the phone’s actual back. It makes the task of removing the battery when needed much easier.

  1. Armband covers


These are water resistant and often come with a key holder. Going for a walk or a run, keep your phone in this cover and be tension free all the while. However, remember that these mobile covers are water resistant and not waterproof. There is a difference!

With so many options out there, make sure you go for a mobile cover that protects your prized possession from any kind of vulnerability.

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