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Truck Accidents: Why It Is Different From Car Accidents

Truck accidents are collisions which involve semi-trucks, 18wheelers, commercial vehicles, and tractor-trailers that cause damage to property and personal injuries. Truck accidents in Chicago are very different from car accidents because they are more dangerous and more complicated.

All vehicle accidents are not equal. The following are the main distinctions between truck accidents and car accidents:

It has difference causes

In most cases, the reasons for truck crashes are not always apparent and straightforward. The common car accident is frequently caused by human error, such as reckless driving and distracted driving. While truck accidents are also commonly caused by human error, they might also compromise the trucking company.

Different injuries

One of the biggest difference between a truck accident in Chicago and an average car accident is the extent of the injuries the accident can cause. The truck is way heavier than an average car that’s why it has more weight and momentum causing more severe injuries.

Monetary damages

Like car accidents, the truck accident victims can also obtain financial compensation for the rehabilitation, medical care, loss of earning capacity, loss of income and for the pain and suffering. But, since there are different parties involved in a trucking accident, the process can be more complicated than car crash cases.

Special licensing

Unlike small vehicles, the driver must undergo specialized training to drive a commercial truck, most especially if he will transport certain materials. To transport hazardous materials, the driver should use specific routes and should have a special license.


Addressing the problems caused by truck accidents can be more complicated, expensive, and dangerous than a regular passenger vehicle collision because of the unique aspects of truck accidents. Commercial trucks are heavier because it is larger than small cars, that’s why trucking accidents result in much greater harm.

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