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Understanding Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss is a desire by many people, and hence the medical industry is coming up with ways that will ease the process while achieving excellent results and hence the birth of such procedures such as the bariatric surgery in Houston.

This type of weight loss surgery entails the reduction of the stomach size to regulate food absorption. The various ways in which bariatric surgery Houston is carried out include:

 Gastric band: A process whereby a band is tied on one part of the stomach to limit food intake,

 Gastrectomy: This process involves removing a part of the stomach or sleeve also to reduce the amount of food intake, and

 Gastric bypass; which is the process of reconnecting a part of the small intestines so that the food does not have to go through the whole digestive tract.

The procedure is quickly gaining popularity because of its many health benefits and the fact that is the safest and efficient process there is in weight loss programs. However, before you decide to undergo this kind of surgery, it is important to understand the following misconceptions:

  • That bariatric surgery will replace diet and exercise for a healthy body: this is not true as the surgery will not guarantee you a permanent weight loss without watching your diet and exercise.
  • That Bariatric surgery is a quick fix. This statement is untrue because it takes time and a lot of effort before and after the surgery to maintain the change; diet, exercise, and a complete lifestyle overhaul are critical.
  • Bariatric surgery is not for most people who are obese.  In fact, to qualify you must have signs of obesity since the procedure is for such people

Studies have found out that undergoing such a procedure has numerous advantages some of which include the following:

  • Can Reduce blood pressure in 60% of patients
  • Result in Decrease in joint pain
  •   Can also bring about a reduction in cholesterol by 60 to 80%; the patients can even stop medication or reduce the dosage.
  •  Patients with migraines can significantly benefit from this procedure as they tend to have fewer and less severe headaches.
  •  A reduce in asthma attack episodes for people with asthma
  •   can also provide relief for women with polycystic ovary disease, infertility, ulcers, leg swelling and many other conditions

Overall, undergoing bariatric surgery improves the well-being of an individual. Some studies indicate that people who have undergone the procedure have a long life span compared to those who have not. These studies assert that such people also will have a stronger immunity and hence get sick less often compared to those who didn’t have surgery.

Undergoing this type of surgery is therefore quite beneficial to the human body especially for those struggling with weight problems. Therefore, it is a risk worth exploring so that you can enjoy its benefits.

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