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ValueMags and Current Ethical Issues

Currently, there is a significant amount of media coverage on the current ethical issue of the Islamic religion and how individuals are interpreting the religion to do bad. Magazine marketing and distribution agency ValueMags thinks that it is important to discuss these matters. More importantly, ValueMags wants to educate their readers about fact checking and how to realize what is true from what is morphed, twisted, untrue, or not sourced.

ValueMags has found that the reality is much different than what is currently perceived in relation to the Islam. Islam has been a very successful religion. Islam has been successful because of how Muslims (current word used to describe Islam practicing individuals) have been able to adapt the religion given a corrupt human nature. The religion has been able to overcome current ethical issue of all sorts because of the loyalty and persistence of Muslims around the world.

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ValueMags has found that some scholars will argue that Muslims play a concerning role in current ethical issues. Scholar, Yassin-Kassab argues the Quran makes use of many literary devices (Yassin-Kassab). As a result, the sacred text can be interpreted in the form of many variations. Recently with the increased attention on Islam and extremism in popular media, the sacred text is being criticized for its partial explanations, justifications, and reason.

Further, the Islamic culture has been globalized.. Muslims should be respected and protected no matter where they migrate as any individual or religion should be. Currently, Canada has begun taking in more Syrian refugees as the United States imposes their travel ban on seven majority Islam practicing countries. The ban has spiked discussions about religion and acceptance making individuals around the world think deeper about their environments and their place in this world.

ValueMags encourages individuals to be more open minded, read their magazines for turthfull and reliable information, and be conscious of the information they hear and see.

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