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When Is a Medical Professional Negligent in Causing an Injury?

If you are injured because of an error made by a medical professional, that error could be grounds for a malpractice lawsuit. However, this assumes that a mistake was a result of negligence as opposed to a negative result that may have been outside of anyone’s control to prevent. How can you tell if a medical professional is negligent in causing an injury?

Was a Timely Diagnosis Made?

It is not uncommon for a doctor to get a diagnosis wrong. This is because many diverse types of ailments share common symptoms. However, there are many tests and other methods that a doctor may use to determine what you have. If a doctor fails to conduct a test or ignores a strategy that could have resulted in getting the diagnosis correct in a timely manner, that could be considered malpractice.

Were You Given Informed Consent?

Your doctor is required by law to tell you about the potential side effects or other adverse outcomes to a given course of treatment. You are also supposed to learn about alternative treatments that may be available to treat any condition that you may have. If you do not consent to a given treatment, your doctor must respect your decision and work to develop another treatment plan. If this does not happen, any resulting injuries could be considered a result of medical professional malpractice.

Should Someone Have Known an Error Was Made?

A doctor should be able to read a chart with a high rate of accuracy. A surgeon should know how to mark the part of the body where a procedure is to take place. If a doctor misreads a chart, that may be malpractice assuming that there are no other factors that may have made a proper interpretation harder.

If a surgeon removes the wrong body part because the body is improperly marked ahead of time, that is generally his or her fault. That is generally true even if someone else made the mark. Regardless of why you were injured by a medical professional error, it may be worthwhile to visit to learn how to protect your rights.

Did You Suffer Any Damages?

This is an overlooked portion of a medical malpractice claim. To be eligible for compensation, you must have suffered damages because of another party’s negligence. In many cases, a medical professional’s error will lead to additional medical bills in addition to the potential of missing work while seeking treatment. However, if a doctor fails to diagnose your flu virus that you ultimately recover from, it may not be possible to collect compensation even if an error was made.

While you may trust your doctor or other medical professionals to help you get better, they are human just like anyone else. This means that they are liable to make mistakes that could jeopardize your health. If a mistake damages your health, talk to an attorney to learn more about your options going forward.

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