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Where to Find Love On The Internet And Be Sure It Is Not A Scam

The internet is a big place. Very big place. There are literally billions of people logged in at this moment and millions of web pages operating for them. One part of the internet sky is dedicated to those who look for love. In fact, a pretty large part of it is dedicated to them.

The porn industry is said to worth around $15 billion. Every second there are $3000 spent on porn. It’s a huge business and this is why the stats say that around 12% of the entire industry belongs to porn. Scandalous numbers, huh? Here’s more about it if you’re interested here.

What about love?

Since porn is everywhere around us, it seems pretty impossible to find pages with main business priority – love. Wherever you go there are ads about women offering themselves and pages trying to earn out of your needs.

Well, it seems like ad blockers are the best option. Also, going to the right places is a smart thing to do. If you don’t what are these places, it’s to learn more about it. Follow up to see where people find love most of the time!

Social Networks

Seems like to obvious? It’s because it is! Social networks contain a base of people who are clearly expressing their feelings and relationship status. It’s a great place to look for your soul mate.

Facebook is a place where around 1.5 billion people are active every day. That’s a lot of people you have to agree. If you live in Houston, for example, chances are great you’ll find thousands of people around you who are single and are looking for the same thing you are.

Since there’s a profile picture and some basic information about the people around you, it’s easy to get in contact with those who appear the best match for you.

Other social networks are great too. For example, Tinder is a social network which is focusing on meeting new people. Millions of people are using it for seeing who’s in the area and getting in touch quickly and easily.

Of course, this is not a great way to find out if someone’s sharing your ideas, interests, and views, but it’s still great if you need a quick meet-up.

Specialized meeting sites

Another great idea is registering on specialized sites for dating. There’s a whole lot of them and it’s up to you to choose which one fits you the best. Some are specially made for one sex, others for a concrete profession or sexual orientation.

Of course, some are made for wide use and anything can be found there. Beware when logging in there because you’ll be able to see and find anything. Very often they are not for the faint of heart.

Maybe it’s best to take a look at some articles with reviews where professionals evaluate what’s good and what’s not for certain sites. A great place to do this is here – As you can see, the author here explains perfectly what you can expect from this place and is it worth visiting or not.

Porn sites

If you’re not really patient and don’t like waiting in lines for the best match, you can always check out some of the many porn sites out there. Almost all of them offer services that you can pay for and spend some time being happy with the virtual companionship.

With the rise of VR, dating people became much different than before. Now, you can have a great date with someone without even leaving the room. Porn sites are the best place to look for something like this. Of course, if you’re into these kinds of things.


With everything said above, it’s clear that you have three choices of where to look for your best match. Social networks, dating sites, and porn sites. Depending on what’s your best fit, you should choose some of this.

Remember that finding a person to spend your life with is not an easy job. It’s a process and it takes some time. You need to be devoted, honest, and most of all – patient.

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