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Why Were Lawsuits Filed Against Ethicon Physiomesh?

Ethicon physiomesh, a well-renowned hernia mesh from parent company Johnson &Johnson, was recalled from the market a few months back after it emerged that using Ethicon products resulted in recurrence of a hernia. In other patients it created a set of complication, resulting in physical distress and financial loss for patients. It came as a shock to FDA, the general public, and the parent company itself that did not expect the mesh product to come under such criticism.

Ethicon physiomesh is used in open ventral hernia repair in patients. There are a lot of companies manufacturing the same product but the one from Ethicon gained market traction pretty quickly. To the uninitiated, hernia might be referred to as protrusion of tissues or organ parts, usually from the abdomen, to outside the body. While most hernia remains as simple swelling, some might get complicated and require urgent surgical excision and repair. Sometimes surgeons doing the surgery might require mesh products to provide greater stability to tissues. While in most cases hernia surgery is a fairly straight forward case, there are instances where complications might arise.

The product was first approved by FDA in 2010 without any sort of clinical trial. It was granted approval on the ground that several other similar products were already available in the market. Fast forward 6 years and Ethicon has recalled all the remaining products from the market. There were several reasons for such a massive decision by the company. Two independent studies conducted in Denmark and Germany suggested that, compared to mesh products from other companies,  failure rates were higher in hernia operation with physiomesh. Furthermore, patients experienced several life-threatening complications including pain, bacterial infection, tissue adhesion, mesh migration and hernia recurrence.

Soon patients started to file lawsuits against Ethicon on the ground that using their mesh products resulted in severe personal injuries. Coated synthetic polypropylene that was used to manufacture the product was largely responsible for the complications and adverse reactions. The coating in the mesh prevented abdominal wall from absorbing suture material properly. As a result, there were incidents of mesh migration and breakage of mesh materials.

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