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The International Cricket Council (ICC) Champions Trophy 2017 will run from 1st of June 2017 to 18th of June 2017 in England. The much anticipated cricket match of India vs Pakistan Live will be on the 4th of June 2017 at Edgbaston, Birmingham. Cricket fans in Canada and Europe will be able to watch the India vs. Pakistan match 2017 live streaming on YuppTV. There will clips and highlights for fans in the UK, Australia, Caribbean, Asian Countries and South America; while in the USA there will be a live commentary.

Over the years the cricket match between these two rivals has attracted huge audiences the world over. To use history as a guide these two teams originated from one cricket family so to speak, however the formation of India and Pakistan from British India due to community conflicts gave birth to a cricket sporting competition between the two nations.

I think the question in everyone’s mind is whether India stands a chance of beating Pakistan 11-0 in the upcoming ICC Trophy 2017? Judging from past tournaments this should be a walk in the park for the India team. Some critics may argue that the India team is a more superior team to the Pakistan team. First the Indian team, approach all their matches with a winning mindset thus they play like winners. Second their cricket skills like their fielding techniques are way better than the Pakistan team. The India team is comprised of level headed players who can control their temperaments during a match therefore when the game becomes too intense the India team can hold their cool and keep the game intact. Lastly their team leadership which is their captain seems to steer their team in the right way compared to the Pakistan team. The captain of the India team knows all his players and exploits their strengths.

It is worth mentioning that in major ICC tournaments in the past between India and Pakistan, India won 10 of those matches. Let us take time go through a few of past ICC World Cup tournaments between the two rival teams to judge the probability of India attaining an 11-0 win against Pakistan in the India vs. Pakistan Champions Trophy 2017.

  1. 2016 in Kolkata – India beat Pakistan by 6 wickets to get an 11-0 win.
  2. 2015 in Adelaide – India again beat Pakistan by 76 runs to get a 10-0 victory.
  3. 2014 in Dhaka – India thrashed Pakistan by 7 wickets
  4. 2012 in Colombo – India beat Pakistan by 8 wickets
  5. 2011 in Mohali – India took victory from Pakistan by 29 runs
  6. 2007 in Johannesburg– Pakistan lost to India by 5 runs
  7. 2005 in Durban – India won to Pakistan 5-0
  8. 2003 in Centurion – India made it a 4-0 victory against Pakistan winning by 6 wickets.
  9. 1999 in Manchester – India was victorious over Pakistan by 47 runs.
  10. 1996 in Banglapore – India beat Pakistan by 39 runs to clinch a victory of 2-0.

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